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1602 Witch Hunter Angela #2 Swa 3.99

Age Of Ultron Vs Marvel Zombies #2 Landscape Var Swa 15.00

Age Of Ultron Vs Marvel Zombies #2 Swa 3.99

Batgirl #42 2.99

Batgirl Annual #3 4.99

Black Widow #20 Swa 3.99

Book Of Death Legends Of Geomancer #1 (of 4) 25 Copy Incv 3.99

Casanova Acedia #3 3.99

Conan The Avenger #16 3.5

Copperhead #9 3.5

Daredevil #17 3.99

Deadpools Secret Secret Wars #3 (of 4) Swa 3.99

Deathstroke Annual #1 4.99

Donald Duck #3 3.99

Donald Duck #3 Subscription Var 3.99

Escape From New York #8 Main Cvrs 3.99

Flash Annual #4 4.99

Gotham By Midnight Annual #1 4.99

Guardians Team-up #8 3.99

Hacktivist Vol 2 #1 (of 6) 3.99

Hacktivist Vol 2 #1 (of 6) 10 Copy 10 Years Liew Incv Var (n 10.00

Halo Escalation #20 3.99

Invisible Republic #5 2.99

Jem & The Holograms #5 3.99

Jem & The Holograms #5 Subscription Var 3.99

JLA Gods And Monsters Superman #1 3.99

JLA Gods And Monsters Superman #1 Var Ed 10.00

Lazarus #18 3.5

Lobo Annual #1 4.99

Lobster Johnson A Chain Forged In Life One Shot 3.5

Low #8 3.5

Manhattan Projects Sun Beyond The Stars #2 3.5

Marvel Universe Ult Spider-man Web Warriors #9 2.99

Modok Assassin #3 (of 5) Swa 3.99

Mythic #3 2.99

Ninjak #5 Cvr A Larosa (next) 3.99

Ninjak #5 Cvr B Johnson (next) 3.99

Pastaways #5 3.99

Powers #4 3.99

Red Sonja #17 Cvr A Frison Main 3.99

Red Sonja #17 Cvr B Isaacs Var 3.99

Red Sonja #17 Cvr C Buscema Exc Subscription Var 3.99

Resident Alien Sam Hain Mystery #3 (of 3) 3.99

Sabrina #4 Carrie Var Cvr 3.99

Sabrina #4 Reg Cvr 3.99

Sex Criminals #11 3.5

Sex Criminals #11 Bryan Lee Omally Xxx Var 4.69

Shield #8 3.99

Shrinking Man #1 (of 4) Ec Subscription Var 3.99

Simpsons Illustrated #18 3.99

Skylanders #11 Light In The Dark 3.99

Skylanders #11 Subscription Var 3.99

Sonic Boom #10 Epic Connecting Poster Pt 10 Var Cvr 3.99

Sonic Boom #10 Reilly Brown Var Cvr 3.99

Sonic Boom #10 Spaz Reg Cvr 3.99

Southern Bastards #10 3.5

Sparks Nevada Marshal On Mars #4 (of 4) 3.5

Spawn #254 2.99

Star Wars #7 3.99

Star Wars #7 Bianchi Var 25.00

Star Wars #7 Moore Var 25.00

Superman #42 3.99

Superman #42 Teen Titans Go Var Ed 3.99

Thors #2 Keown Var Swa 25.00

Thors #2 Swa 3.99

Tithe #4 Cvr A Ekedal 3.99

Tithe #4 Cvr B Ekedal 3.99

TMNT Ongoing #48 3.99

TMNT Ongoing #48 Ec Subscription Var 3.99

Tomb Raider #18 3.99

Transformers More Than Meets Eye #43 3.99

Transformers More Than Meets Eye #43 Subscription Var 3.99

Transformers Vs GI Joe #8 3.99

Transformers Vs GI Joe #8 Subscription Var 3.99

Transformers Windblade #5 Subscription Var 3.99

Wayward #10 Cvr A Cummings & Bonvillain 3.5

Wayward #10 Cvr B Steinbach 3.5

X-files Annual 2015 7.99

X-files Annual 2015 Subscription Var 7.99

X-men 92 #2 Nakayama Var Swa 25.00

X-men 92 #2 Swa 4.99


Catwoman TP Vol 06 Keeper o/t Castle 16.99

Conan Red Sonja HC 19.99

Fairy Quest TP Vol 02 14.99

Goodbye Chunky Rice Pantheon Ed New Ptg 15

Hawkeye TP Vol 04 Rio Bravo 17.99

Inhuman TP Vol 03 Lineage 12.99

Magneto TP Vol 03 Shadow Games 15.99

Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-man Ultimate Coll TP Book 01 34.99

Red Lanterns TP Vol 06 Forged In Blood 14.99

Star Wars Little Golden Book Attack Of Clones 4.99

Star Wars Little Golden Book Empire Strikes Back 4.99

Star Wars Little Golden Book New Hope 4.99

Star Wars Little Golden Book Phantom Menace 4.99

Star Wars Little Golden Book Return Of Jedi 4.99

Star Wars Little Golden Book Revenge Of Sith 4.99

Swamp Thing The Root Of All Evil TP 19.99

TMNT Animated TP Vol 06 Vengeance Is Mine 7.99

Uncanny Avengers TP Vol 05 Axis Prelude 19.99

Zero TP Vol 04 Who By Fire 14.99


Pop Arrow Oliver Queen Arrow Vinyl Fig 10.99

Pop Doctor Who 4th Doctor Vinyl Fig 10.99

Walking Dead Tv Series 7 Af Wv2 Asst TBD

Years Of Future Past #3 Swa 3.99


Age Of Reptiles Omnibus TP Vol 01 24.99

Assassins Creed Brahman GN 19.99

Assassins Creed The Fall TP 18.99

Fraggle Rock HC Vol 01 19.95

Girl Genius TP Vol 02 Agatha & The Airship City (new Ptg) 25

Girl Genius TP Vol 04 Circus Of Dreams (new Ptg) 25

Hero Cats TP Vol 01 11.99

Mind Mgmt HC Vol 02 Futurist 19.99

Mind Mgmt HC Vol 04 Magician 19.99

Samurai Jack TP Vol 02 Scotsmans Curse 19.99

Sonic The Hedgehog Complete Comic Encyclopedia TP 16.99

Sonic The Hedgehog Select TP Vol 09 Games 11.99

Sonic The Hedgehog Select TP Vol 10 11.99

Sonic The Hedgehog TP Vol 02 The Chase 12.99

Valiant Zeroes & Origins TP Vol 01 19.99





Pick of the Week: Dead Boy Detectives #1   $2.99

By Andrea Fort

Twitter Handle: @_Nerd_Queen_

I am always suspicious of spin-off books, particularly those related iconic titles. 

It’s because I’m such a fan of Sandman that the announcement of Dead Boy Detectives gave me pause. 

I wasn’t sure that anyone could do justice to Neil Gaiman’s characters nor was I confident that anyone could weave a suitably complex plot to match his work. 

I was pleasantly surprised.

Toby Litt and Mark Buckingham’s story is whimsical and intriguing. Edwin and Charles, who were both murdered at Saint Hilarion’s boarding school,

return to the scene of their deaths. Newcomer, Crystal, is a young girl who seems to have a connection to spirits and the supernatural, and acts as their conduit. 

There is a clear set up for the series as the boys head towards their future, be revisiting their past.

With Buckingham (FABLES) also responsible for the book’s pencils, Dead Boy Detectives is entirely dynamic. 

The mystery and action are conveyed through both the writing and art. Crystal’s backstory is filled with humor, making DBD a well-rounded read. 

All in all, it was a fun issue and I am really looking forward to seeing how the rest of the series develops.

Pick of the Week: Origin II  #1   $4.99

By Andrea Fort

Twitter Handle: @_Nerd_Queen_


It is a well-documented fact that I am a voracious Wolverine fan; so after ten years of anticipation, 

I was ecstatic to get my hands on Origin II. Taking place after the events of Origin, this miniseries will set up Wolverine’s more famous adventures; 

covering the years between the death of his father and his time in World War I. When Origin ended, James Howlett was alone and ran off into the wilderness. 

Issue One of this long awaited sequel finds him a young man, living in the forests of Alberta with a pack of wolves.

 As with so many of Wolverine’s story lines, Origin II centers around family, or more accurately, the family that James lacks. 

The wolves have filled the void of his late family, and they have adopted him as their own. Wolverine is famed for his feral nature and animalistic abilities. 

This series credits his time with the wolf pack for those attributes. There is no dialogue as James is the only human in the story; he is far removed from society. 

He moves through the wilderness with ease and is indistinguishable from the rest of the pack.

 This “story of animals” is written by Kieron Gillen and penciled by Adam Kubert; a dream team perfectly designed to tell the story of Wolverine’s lost years. 

Not only will Origin II fill in the missing portions of his past, but it will likely also give us greater insight into how he became the berserker we know today. 

It is an absolute must read for Wolverine fans, anyone who enjoyed the original Origin, or anyone who is even a little bit curious. 

Like its predecessor, Origin II is sure to be talked about for a long time. 

Pick of the Week: East of West #8

By Andrea Fort

Twitter Handle: @_Nerd_Queen_

If you aren’t reading East of West, I have to ask “Why?”.  I can’t remember a comic that has captivated me this strongly. 

I read the first graphic novel (which collects issues 1 to 5) rabidly, and then ran out to find the remaining issues. 

With the release of the 8thissue, I can confidently call this series my pick of the year.

East of West is written by Jonathan Hickman and has a dark, complex plot. Set in a dystopian society, 

it is a sci-fi/western that examines the corruption that can occur in church and state. The effects of this corruption on the surrounding society are also explored. 

The story of the main protagonist, Death, adds even more depth. He and the other horsemen are a strangely comfortable fit as they wander around the barren ruins of the USA. 

The stark landscape is a perfect setting for the story’s exploration of the love, separation, and destruction that govern human interaction.

Issue 8 does not disappoint as it continues to slowly unveil the story, giving the reader another small piece of the gradually unfolding puzzle. 

It also dials up the tension as it introduces a new character and reveals new elements of back story. 

There is a lot of depth to the world that Hickman has created. It feels less like a work of fiction, and more like a living, breathing entity. 

It is a world that is dynamic and entirely worth diving into. So if you aren’t already reading East of West, I strongly suggest you start.

Pick of the Week: Inhumanity #1 $3.99

By Andrea Fort

Twitter Handle: @_Nerd_Queen_

Inhumanity is the first issue in what Marvel is saying will be a major crossover storyline. 

First announced in July 2013, Inhumanity will see a major shift in the Marvel U as a whole new race of Inhumans will be revealed on Earth; 

essentially filling the world with super heroes. Issue number one is a one shot written by Matt Fraction and with art Olivier Coipel 

that sets the stage for the crossovers to come and the soon to launch Inhumanity: 

The Awakening. After Thanos’s attack on Earth in Infinity, and the destruction of the planet Attilan, the Avengers encounter Karnak, 

the Attilan martial artist who is devastated by the loss of his home. To stop him wreaking havoc, they subdue him and take him back to Avengers Tower 

where he tells his story. 

The best part of this book is that Karnak’s narrative is a result of his interactions with Hawkeye.

Hawkeye is an unfortunately underrated character, but Fraction writes him at his ass-kicking and quipping best. 

To farther the experience, Coipel’s rendering of Hawkeye perfectly matches Fraction’s writing. 

He is every bit the beefy super hero he is expected to be, but his body language captures his true character; sarcasm and a laid back attitude. 

Karnak is also well portrayed as he struggles with the loss of his people and recounts the story of what happened. 

As he nears the end of his story, he makes realizations that increasingly disturb him and his degrading emotional state is visible without Fraction’s dialogue. 

Overall Inhumanity feels like the prologue of something much bigger on the horizon; it is a definite must read for anyone 

who kept up with the events in Infinity or anyone looking for a good place to jump into Marvel Now.

Pick of the Week: Superior Spider-Man #22 Darkest Hours   $3.99

by Andrea Fort

Twitter Handle: @_Nerd_Queen_

*Contains spoilers to earlier story lines*

The Darkest Hours story arc is being billed as the “Spider-event of the year” and it’s easy to understand why. 

As difficult as it is to believe, Spider-Man and Venom have not met in years, not since Flash Thompson became Agent Venom. 

Militarized and working in Eastern Europe and later as part of the Secret Avengers, Agent Venom is a far cry from the maniacal symbiote host that Spider-Man is used to facing, 

so any story line that promises to reunite these characters automatically intrigues me.  

To complicate things farther, the story begins at a point where Peter Parker is not who he seems to be. 

In fact his nemesis, Doctor Otto Octavius has swapped their minds and is now residing in Peter Parker’s body. 

So to recap, in an ironic twist of fate, two former villains are playing the part of the hero. 

What will happen when Thompson’s Flash meets Octavius’s Spider-Man? With both former villains now working to protect New York City, 

will they team up, or duke it out? These questions were motivation enough for me to dive into Superior Spider-Man 22. 

To make things even more interesting, there is the looming but unspoken question of whether Peter Parker will recover his stolen body that haunted me throughout. 

Even though Octavius is striving to keep the city safe and has even managed to repair Peter’s relationship to Aunt May, t

here is something very unnerving him doing it from inside Peter Parker’s body. Written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage, 

this issue sees Humberto Ramos return to Spider-Man to provide the pencils; t

his is the ultimate creative team to create a huge impact and deliver a story that’s likely to shape the Spider-Man books to come. 

Slott’s familiarity with Spider-Man serves the story well. I would have known which character was speaking without the art because 

Slott has such a good grasp of their tone. Coupled with Ramos’s exaggerated style which works perfectly for every web-sling and captures 

the shifting nature of the symbiote flawlessly,Darkest Hours promises to be a big event in the Marvel U, and shape the future of everyone’s favourite web slinger.

Pick Of the Week: Harley Quinn #0   $2.99

By: Andrea Fort

Twitter Handle: @_Nerd_Queen_

Harley Quinn is a fan favourite character, and admittedly one of my favourites as well. Introduced in 1992 in Batman: The Animated Series, 

and created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, Harley has quickly rocketed to the fame of Batman’s most infamous nemesis and the love of her life, the Joker. 

She graced her first comic in 1993, and has been recruited into several high-profile titles such as the Secret Six and Gotham City Sirens since, 

but despite her popularity has not held a successful ongoing series. Now DC is giving her another shot. 

Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti will be writing Harley’s venture into the universe of the New 52, and in issue #0, 

they allow Harley to choose the artist that will draw her. 

Normally I find breaking the fourth wall cliché, but Conner and Palmiotti play to Harley’s psychosis as they themselves become disembodied characters for her to talk to. 

The entire premise highlights Harley’s personality perfectly, and as she critiques the parade of all-star artists who draw her, 

including Becky Cloonan, Darwyn Cooke, Bruce Timm and Jim Lee to name a few, I found myself giggling. 

The book unabashedly pokes fun at the 17 artists featured. I loved the not so subtle ribbing, and subversive humour that came from Harley’s arguments 

with her writers. As a stand-alone story, there is no pressure to fall into continuity, 

so Connor and Palmiotti have complete freedom to explore the character and have fun, and it shows that they did. 

Although it is undoubtedly very different from what we can expect from the upcoming series, 

I highly recommend this book for all of Harley’s fans or anyone looking for a little humour. 

Harley’s charm and the amazing artist she chose (you’ll have to read it to find out who it is), 

got me excited to see how things unfold when issue #1 hits stores in December.


CGC - Certified Guaranty Company - is one of the most important changes that has occurred in the comic industry over the last decade. With the increase of sales online through websites, Ebay, auction houses, etc, comics that are encapsulated by CGC take the guesswork out of grading and spotting restoration. This allows anyone to be able to realize a better value for their comic book.

One of the most common comments I hear about CGC from people that aren't too familiar with the process is "I don't like buying CGC books because it just makes the comic more expensive". But this isn’t the case. What a CGC graded book does, is allows the seller to get a price closer to its actual value. I have a good clientele that come in regularly to buy collectible or high-end ungraded books. They can hold the book, flip through it, make their own decision, and then we can agree on a value. If a book is online one cannot be as confident the comic is all it is being described as. The centerfold may be loose; there could be some color touch; and if it is high grade, the slightest of dings can greatly reduce the value. In turn, people bid or offer only a percentage of what the comic might actually be worth. When it is CGC'ed, they can be confident of the grade and bid at its full value.

The third-party grading that CGC brings to the hobby has caused an upswing in people willing to invest in comics. Many people, spending much of their time working, obviously don’t have the time to go "bin diving" or to travel to comic conventions. They don't have, or maybe want, to spend the time to learn how to spot restoration. And when purchasing a comic in the thousands of dollars, the slightest bit of restoration can make the book almost worthless. With CGC, they can buy confident that what they are receiving is as described.

CGC has aided the hobby immensely. Helping people insure their comics easier, CGC’ed books are also more "liquid" if someone wishes to start selling their collection. Again, the development of the online market, allows anyone to sell comics without having a bricks and mortar business, and thus, get a higher percentage than at most comic stores. Finally, the encapsulation process offers a higher level of security and protection for the comic book - encased in the mylar and hard plastic container!

For all the above reasons, I appreciate and enjoy what CGC brings to our hobby. A third party grader benefits everyone – from the independent seller, to the customer, and all those who make a professional living in the comic industry, CGC levels the playing field, and that lets everyone enjoy collecting comics that much more!


 Paradise Comics is now producing Giclees

of your favourite Comic Book covers


Paradise Comics is excited to offer this unique collector opportunity! Bring in a comic cover that you own, and we can scan & print it on an 18 x 27 inch canvas!

You have seen our display models around the store for the past few weeks, and we have two canvas qualities that we can offer:

Torino Canvas price is $265.48 plus tax = $300

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Not sure the difference in quality? Don't guess! Come visit us at the store and check them out for yourself.

We are able to print on other sizes of canvas, but prices will vary depending on dimensions. Finally, while we can scan and reproduce any cover, books in CGC encapsulation will cost an additional $25 as we will need to eliminate the 'glare' from the scanned image (take a look through our online store to see what this glare can look like on a CGC comic book).


Not sure how to tell your loved ones which comics you want for the Holidays?

Paradise Comics has your solution. On every product page on our site, you can find a "Wish List" button that will add that item to saved menu list of the books you would like. This Wish List can then either be shared by you via your email contacts, or is available for us to review and help select the perfect gift for you as friends & family browse in store.

Below is a screen capture of the button's placement on each page - just off to the right of the shopping cart buttons! Take a look & start building your "Holiday Hopeful Picks" now!

And if you can't find the Graphic Novel or CGC book that you want, send us an email, and we'll see if we can't have it uploaded to the site within 24 hrs!
Happy Holidays from Paradise Comics!



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