About Paradise Comics


We are your source for everything comic books! New books, older books, graded books, variants, trades… we have everything, and then some. We cater to all collectors, from the newest readers, to serious investors.

We’re awesome!

We have more than just comics though! Come see us for toys, collectable figures, plush toys, games, and more!



Peter Dixon has been a comic book dealer for over 30 years. In 1994 he purchased the retail outlet Paradise Comics. Peter has been an advisor to the Overstreet Price Guide since 2002 when he was invited to become an advisor based on his experience as a comic book retailer and convention dealer/promoter. Peter discovered the “Toronto Collection” that was sold for over $300,000 and continues to buy and sell collections both large and small.

Paradise Comics is largest submitter of comics to CGC in Canada as well as the biggest CGC comics dealer. In 2002 Peter helped CGC create the Signature Series label. Peter has been involved in promoting comic book conventions in the Toronto area since 1996, and ran the Toronto Comic-con until 2009, at that time it was sold to Wizard Entertainment from the US. Peter has been featured on many TV shows including Breakfast Television, The Space network, City TV, and he participated in the reality TV Risky Business. Peter has been collecting comics for over 35 years and today enjoys them as much as he ever did.


Kristina is a relative newcomer to the comic world but has embraced the hobby with enthusiasm. She has been the special projects manager for 3 years and been responsible for overseeing and running events such as Ladies Night, the Darwyn Cooke Canadian Cancer Society fundraiser, FCBD, and our upcoming 25th Anniversary party this coming September.

Kristina has opened another division at Paradise Comics, loading it with Pokemon Plushies, Superhero Lego Figures, Socks, Pillows, Keychains, and just about anything else that a Comics fan, casual collector, and newcomer would like to add to their collection. She has been responsible for the redesign of the Paradise Comics layout in the store bringing in many many new casual customers to experience the comics scene that have never encountered the comic world before.

Be sure to come say hi at the many conventions Paradise will be doing this summer with our diversified selection and be sure to come to us when looking to get your comics authenticated by the Prestigious CGC Signature Series Label and have Kristina witness them for you.