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We are always accepting submissions at the store and would be happy to go through your comics and help you decide which are best to submit.

We send books once a month - twice a month during the convention season. Everything goes Fedex there and back, the shipping cost is $8.00 CDN per book.


Signature Series

Paradise Comics was the first retailer to participate in the CGC Signature Series. This offers an excellent way to authenticate an artist's or writer's signature and prevent the buyer from unknowingly purchasing a forgery.

Your comic will be signed by the artist or writer and, along with the correct, corresponding documentation to ensure authenticity, sent to CGC for certification. That comic book will get the same impartial, expert, third party grading you expect from CGC.

It will also be given their yellow label stating who signed the book, and the date it was signed.

We travel to numerous conventions throughout North America, as well as organize signings with many different creators. If you are looking for someone specific to sign your comic feel free to send us an email and we will be able to give you an idea as to if we can get it done for you.

How to prepare your books for submissions for the prestigious Signature Series

Step 1:

Take a  polybag (make sure you have a backing board inside so you don't cut all the way thru the both sides of the bag with a backing board inside). VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT PUT YOUR COMIC IN THE SLEEVE UNTIL AFTER STEP 5!!!!

Step 2:
Decide what part of the cover you want the book signed on. Take a sharpie marker and draw a box on the bag, OR take masking tape and carefully make a box on the cover using the masking tape. Please make sure the signing area is large enough for the creator’s signature. I have seen many signature’s ruined because the area is too small and the creator didn’t realize in time.

Step 3:
Take a box cutter, X-Acto knife or utility blade and carefully cut the inner part of the square you made with the sharpie marker or with the masking tape.
Note: if using tape, please make sure that there is no sticky residue on the edges of the tape after you have cut out the signing area box.

Step 4:
On the reverse side of the backing board please write the following:
1. Your name.
2. Your book title and issue number
3. The name of the creator you would like to sign the book – if more than one please write in ORDER OF PREFERENCE/PRIORITY – most desired #1

Step 5:
Place the comic into the bag with the signing area cut out. I also find it useful to double or triple board each comic for maximum protection.

Step 6:
Place the comic in the bag with the signing area cut out into a slightly larger bag or sleeve for safety during transport.

When making the cut out for the signature placement do not cut the bag or backing board with the book in place.  You may think your book is safe with a backing board protecting it while you cut the window in the bag but it is not. At the very least it will create an indent in the book where pressure is applied by the cutting blade. Worst case is a slip and you have a cut in your book. Cut out all the windows before placing the book in the bag.


This is for groups of 30 books or more.

If you are only interested in having books submitted and encapsulated that are over a minimum grade, this would be known as a Pre-Screening. Bring your books in with your minimum grade requirement or if you are unsure, we can review them and we will recommend what the grade potential is.

Those that meet or exceed it will be graded at the regular full price and turnaround for it's grading tier and the rest will be returned to you, unslabbed, at a charge of $3.00 USD each.

They must be submitted in the same tier at a minimum grade.

You can visit the CGC website, and learn more about their services and grading process. Also check out their census board to see what comics have already been submitted, and the grades they have received.

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