DC Super Hero Fairy Tales: The Amazon Princess and the Pea


Wonder Woman is ready to fight off the monsters overrunning a remote island kingdom. But therex27s a problem. The leaders are unimpressed with the Amazon Princess and unconvinced shex27s the true hero they need. Whatx27s worse, Wonder Woman recognizes the attacking creatures are actually Beastiamorphs, created by her nemesis Circe. Yet therex27s no sign of the sorceress. The only clue is a strange, pea-sized stone thatx27s been hidden under the bed . . . Can Wonder Woman find the key to ending Circex27s spells and prove shex27s a real hero? In this twisted retelling, DC super heroes and super-villains collide with The Princess and the Pea fairy tale to create an action-packed chapter book for kids!

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