Touchy-Feely Books: That’s Not My Reindeer

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This charming gift set includes That’s not my dinosaur… and an adorable dinosaur soft toy. There are five dinosaurs to meet in the book, with rough horns, bumpy teeth and fuzzy tails, and children can cuddle the plush dinosaur as they listen to the book being read. A full-spec edition of a bestselling ‘That’s not my…’ book and a high-quality plush toy, packaged together in an attractive, sturdy gift box, makes this an ideal present for any little child. Part of a collection of book and toy gift sets that include That’s not my Unicorn, Meerkat, Penguin, Owl, Snowman and Reindeer. Part of an internationally bestselling series, which includes over fifty titles and has sold over 5 million copies in the UK alone.

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