What if? #31 – What if Wolverine killed the Hulk? (1982) – CGC 9.4


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What if? #31 – What if Wolverine killed the Hulk? (1982) – CGC 9.4

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This reality diverged during the battle between Wolverine and the Hulk.[1]
from Hulk 181.
On this reality Wolverine disobeys his order to capture him, but instead kills the Hulk. Wolverine went to celebrate at a tavern where a bar fight ensued and in the heat of the moment, unsheathed his claws and killed a civilian. He returned to his superior, James Hudson who told him he had to go through the judicial system.
Wolverine was against this and fled the base, but was picked up by Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. He joined them and set about infiltrating the X-Men, and after several weeks, destroyed Cerebro’s defenses to allow Magneto and the Brotherhood to invade the mansion. However, Wolverine had grown affection for Jean Grey and when Magneto attacked her, he turned on the Brotherhood and helped the X-Men defeat them.
With Magneto the only one left, Wolverine attempted to kill him but was stopped and when Magneto pretended to be unconscious he used his powers over metal to turn Wolverine’s claws on himself and he skewered himself with them, killing him.
Great book for any Wolverine fan, and a great compliment to a Hulk 181 if you’re lucky enough to have one.
Thanks for looking, and stay zesty my friends!