William Shakespeare’s HAMLET


A concise, highly enjoyable adaptation of the classic Shakespeare drama; one of more than 85 titles Campfire has published since their introduction to North America in 2010.

Once upon a time on a dark winter night, a ghost appears on the ramparts of Castle Elsinore in Denmark. It closely resembles the recently deceased king of Denmark. The guards see it first, and then the scholar Horatio confronts it. But it doesn’t speak to them. Impatient to know what the ghost’s appearance means, they summon Hamlet, the prince of Denmark. Hamlet has returned to Denmark to attend his father’s funeral. Yet, he finds himself also attending his mother Gertrude’s wedding to his uncle Claudius, who has inherited the throne. What will the ghost tell Hamlet?
One of the most intense and intriguing tragedies of all time is built upon the answer to this question. William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is not just a story of a mad prince out to avenge his father’s death. It is also the story of the struggle of a nation against Fate. It is the story of human willpower battling the odds. It is not only the story of a man at war with the world around him, but also the story of a man in conflict with his own mind. It is the story of a time when something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Series Overview: Campfire produces six distinctive subseries:

Classics – adaptations of Western literature classics.

Mythology – mythological tales from around the world, including Greece, India and Egypt.

Heroes (Biography) – the lives of exceptional personalities from history, recounted in a story-like fashion.

Histories – bring history to life in volumes that are as at home in a classrom or under the covers with a flashlight.

Originals – imaginative new characters and intriguing plots combine to create highly anticipated titles.

Campfire Junior – graphic novels for readers who are just starting out

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