We have been appraising comic collections for over 15 years.

Peter Dixon has been an Overstreet Advisor since 2002 and will personally appraise your collection.

Peter has been a comic book dealer for over 30 years. In 1994 he purchased the retail outlet Paradise Comics and its inventory. Paradise Comics has appraised millions of dollars of comics over the past few years, and discovered the “Toronto Collection” that was sold through Heritage Auctions for over $300,000 USD. Paradise Comics is largest submitter of comics to CGC (Certified Guaranty Company) in Canada as well as the biggest CGC comics seller. In 2002 Peter helped CGC create the Signature Series label. Peter has been involved in promoting comic book conventions in the Toronto area since 1996, he ran the Toronto Comic-con until 2009, at that time it was sold to Wizard Entertainment USA. Peter has been featured on many TV shows including Breakfast Television, The Space network, City TV, CBC, and he participated in the reality TV show Risky Business.

I am a firm believer that appraisals are necessary/mandatory especially when it comes to insuring your comics.  Many of the top insurance companies require this in the case of a loss (fire, theft, water damage).  Without it would be a long process to get paid out and that’s even if there were a payout.  Along with appraisal, pictures and video are necessary for proof.  Also, the value of the collection must be scheduled on your home insurance policy.  This should be done especially for collections in excess of $50K.  This is not cheap, but without scheduling collection there is 0% chance of a payout in the case of a loss.  It all starts with the appraisal process.  If you have a big collection, it’s also an investment.  Protect it by getting it appraised and insured properly.