We buy comics!



We are always buying! We buy all comics from 1930’s to today. We are interested in both large and small collections.

You can email us your collection list and after looking over your list we will contact you to let you know our level of interest.

We may make an offer or request other information. In most cases we will need to see the books in person to make an offer. In these cases you can bring the books to the store or for larger collections we may be able to come to you.

If you are to far a way for this to be feasible then you can mail your books insured to:

Paradise Comics
3278 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4N 2L6

Once we receive the books we will either email or call you to let you know they arrived. We will go over the collection which may take up to a week due to high volume of collections we receive. Once we have assessed the collection we will make an offer. If we can’t come to an agreed on price we will mail your books back to you via USPS insured mail at our cost.